Kittitas County Boards and Committees

Library Advisory Board

Seven members
Authority: County Board


Position Name Agency Term Expiration Term Length
1. Lynette Johnson (exempt) City of Kittitas
2. Claudia Guilford (exempt) City of Roslyn
3. Jane Agar (exempt) City of Cle Elum
4. Josephine Camarillo (exempt) City of Ellensburg
5. Adele Muratore (exempt) Thorp School District
6. Vacant (exempt) Easton School District
7. Ali Unal Member at Large 12/31/2025 3 year
8. Maureen Rust CWU Representative

The at-large member may serve two consecutive terms of 3 years each.

The Kittitas County Regional Library Board was established by the Commissioners in 1996 to advise them on public library services in rural Kittitas County. Membership of the Board is made up of the library manager of the four city libraries, an at-large member appointed by Commissioners, and a representative from both Thorp and Easton School Districts, which permit general community use of their school libraries. The Board collaborates on library service projects of mutual benefit, reports annually to the Commissioners, and requests County support for public library service through the County budget process. The Board also has the Jeremy Williams Library Trust Fund, with interest currently being used to purchase a children's book for one member libraries for the benefit of all and to support a local political process to achieve free access to public library service for all County residents.