Kittitas County Boards and Committees

Horticulture Pest & Disease Board

Four members
Authority: RCW 15.09


Position Name Agency Term Expiration Term Length
1. Douglas Hannon 6/30/2025 2 year
2. Vacant 6/30/2017 2 year
3. Ben Kern 6/30/2025 2 year
4. Urban B. Eberhart 6/30/2025 2 year

Tipton Hudson, Extension Agent, 962-7507
Sven-Erik Spichiger, Advisor, Washington State Department of Agriculture, 360-664-8969

The purpose of the Horticultural Pest & Disease Board is to more effectively control and prevent the spread of horticultural pests and diseases. Of the four members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, one of such members shall have at least a practical knowledge of horticultural pests and diseases, and the other members shall be residents of the county, shall own land within the county and shall be engaged in the primary and commercial production of a horticultural product or products. A Representative from the Washington State Department of Agriculture serves as an advisor to the Board. Meetings are scheduled as deemed necessary.