2009 Whisky Dick Triathlon

July 16, 2009

Takashi Inoue, left
Takashi Inoue, left
Yasuo Harai

This year marks the 17 year anniversary of the Sister City relationship between Kittitas County and Sanda City, Japan.

On August 5th Kittitas County will once again welcome two athletes from Sanda City as part of an ongoing exchange of athletes, who will be participating in the 2009 Whisky Dick Triathlon.

Mr. Takashi Inoue is a 25 year old local official from Sanda City, Japan. He enjoys running, snowboarding, photography and shopping. Mr. Inoue said that he hopes to complete the triathlon with a smile on his face because he is grateful for community of Kittitas County for allowing him the opportunity of a lifetime.

Mr. Yasuo Harai is also from Sanda City, Japan. He is 57 years old and an office worker by profession. Mr. Harai enjoys traveling, carpentry and cycling. He said he is also happy for the opportunity to participate in the Whisky Dick Triathlon, and noted it has only been two years since he completed his first triathlon.

In addition to the Whisky Dick Triathlon, the athletes will be honored at a welcome barbeque sponsored by the Sanda City Relations Committee; go on a tour of the Anderson Hay & Grain facility and the Wild Horse Wind Farm; sightseeing and shopping in the Kittitas Valley, and of course attending a Seattle Mariners game. On Monday August 10th the athletes and their host families will be recognized at a special meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. The athletes are scheduled to return to Sanda City on August 12th.

The annual exchange of athletes is sponsored by the Sanda City Relations Committee. The committee fundraises for the travel expense of one athlete and the other is paid for by Anderson Hay & Grain. Anderson Hay & Grain has been a major sponsor and supporter of the Sister City relationship. If you would like to become a member of the Sanda City Relations Committee or have questions please contact Julie Kjorsvik at 509-962-7508 julie.kjorsvik@co.kittitas.wa.us.

Takashi Inoue, right.jpg
Takashi Inoue, right
Yasuo Harai.jpg
Yasuo Harai