Sister City, Sanda Japan

A history of exchanges between Kittitas County & Sanda, Japan

Kittitas County Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary with Sister City Sanda City Japan

Nineteen representatives, including five city officials, from Sanda City Japan arrived Saturday, July 13, 2002, to celebrate its 10-year anniversary as sister city with Kittitas County. The delegation will staying until Thursday, July 18.

The visit itinerary included:

  • Sunday was the formal 10-year anniversary dinner. During the dinner, the Deputy Mayor of Sanda City and Commissioner Perry Huston signed a Proclamation which is available to view in the Board of Commissioners office.
  • Monday included a tour of Central Washington University . Monday night citizens of Kittitas County entertained thirteen citizens at their homes for dinner and the Andersons entertained the official delegates
  • Tuesday the delegates toured Kittitas County learning about the agriculture and living styles. They also visited the Fairgrounds
  • Wednesday there is a round table discussion, a tour of the Courthouse, the Morris-Sorensen Building, and the Permit Center, and a BBQ for the delegates.
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Superior Court Treasurer Sanda City Japan Delegates Sanda City Japan Delegates

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