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All calendars are subject to change without notice. Late additions to the calendars may not be published to this web site. Inspections are not necessarily listed in the order in which they will be performed.

CDS Building Inspections and Plan Review services will be closed March 14th through the 16th for staff training. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule before and after. Please plan accordingly. Our front counter will still be open for plan submittal and pick up.

Inspection Hours

  • June - August: 7am to 4pm
  • September - May: 8am to 5pm (If our vehicles cannot safely make it to your project due to snow and ice in higher elevations, we will not perform the inspection. Please have all access roads and driveways plowed clear so we can get to the job site. We apologize but we cannot ride in your vehicles, all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles.)


Inspector: 1
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-17-00693 HUBER, SETH A & WENDY R 5410 NO 81 RD ELLENSBURG UWIC 18-19-24053-0001
BP-18-00124 EILERS, JEREMIAH & AMANDA 5514 SORENSON RD ELLENSBURG Final 17-20-30050-0003

Inspector: 2
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-18-00162 PUGET SOUND ENERGY 1701 SR 970 Post holes 20-16-31051-0003
BP-17-00412 BOHN, EDWARD & OKEMAH 531 MAPLE LEAF LP CLE ELUM Mechanical and plumbing 20-15-19050-0036
BP-17-00666 WEBSTER, BRIAN & TRACY 190 SPRAGGER WAY CLE ELUM Insulation 20-15-29051-0090
BP-18-00161 MYERS, RICHARD P & JUDY B 430 SPRAGGER WAY CLE ELUM Radiant heat 20-15-29051-0096
FO-18-00010 SNEDEKER, JOHN A & JANET L 270 PORTAL CT CLE ELUM Radon Crawlspace Piping 20-15-29051-0038

Inspector: 3
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-18-00070 OBRIEN, JON L & PAULA 8501 MANASTASH RD ELLENSBURG Framing 17-17-14020-0001
BP-18-00151 WILSON, MARK 560 ALLEGRO WAY ELLENSBURG Insulation 17-17-12058-0007
BP-17-00861 HAMMON, ROBERT & JANICE 640 PINE RIDGE LN CLE ELUM Rough-in plumbing 20-15-34067-0002
BP-18-00182 FREIMARK, STEVEN A & REBECCA L 831 FAWN RD CLE ELUM Footings 19-16-18052-0104
BP-17-00534 BOHNET, JEFFREY W & JUDITH A 981 PINNACLE LN CLE ELUM Footings 19-15-04054-0012
BP-18-00199 SANTA, MICK C 1091 BIG CREEK RD CLE ELUM Footings 20-14-21033-0006
BP-18-00011 MATLOCK, DANIEL T & BARBARA L 1114 FOWLER CREEK RD CLE ELUM Footings 19-14-02054-0003


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
FS-18-00046 DEVORE 40 BIG BUG LN Fire sprinkler 20-14-24050-0114
BP-18-00343 STANFORD WOODIWISS, JOSHUA L & KATIE A 15244 VANTAGE HWY ELLENSBURG Anchoring 17-20-04051-0003
BP-18-00128 RON SHAFF 1210 WATSON RD Final 18-19-34050-0002
BP-18-00317 TODD MARINELLI 2305 N CREEKSEDGE WAY Anchoring 18-18-27071-0135
BP-17-00814 LAUKALA 690 LAVONNE LN Final 17-20-03050-0010
BP-17-00123 LENZ 60 MAUNA KEA CT Framing 20-14-35052-0096
BP-17-00908 PEMBLE 1641 LEO LN Floor framing 20-17-32066-0008
BP-18-00003 MERTEN 77 KLOCKE RD Mechanical 18-18-18030-0003
BP-18-00041 MORRIS 240 BUSCH RD Exterior shear 17-20-29054-0002
BP-18-00377 DK PROFESSIONAL 251 MAYWOOD LN Footings 20-14-12069-0003
BP-17-00138 KITTITAS COUNTY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY 1300 SUNLIGHT DR. CLE ELUM, WA 98922 Final 19-16-24051-0709
BP-18-00182 FREIMARK 831 FAWN RD Foundation walls 19-16-18052-0104
BP-18-000239 CARNEY 6238 COLOCKUM RD Footings 19-20-32000-0008
BP-18-00119 THOMAS 1260 CATLIN CANYON RD Foundation walls 17-17-03000-0015
BP-14-00617 CLIFTON 490 BIG TAIL RD Tank placement 20-15-26063-0008
BP-18-00010 D R HORTON 1714 W. BOWERS RD ELLENSBURG Insulation 18-18-27072-0001
BP-17-00832 DEVORE 40 BIG BUG LN Shearwalls 20-14-24050-0114
BP-17-00512 TONKIN 880 RUBY KING LOOP Framing 20-14-24050-0218
BP-18-00186 VANDERFORD 484 MASTERSON RD Floor framing 20-16-33054-0002
BP-17-00575 MORTZHEIM 571 TEANAWAY TRIANGLE Exterior shear 21-15-36052-0002
BP-17-00604 GUNDSTROM 140 BUSCH RD Floor framing 17-20-29054-0003
BP-17-00764 DIXON 681 VAMDERBILT RD Footings 16-19-03062-0002
FS-18-00030 BOHN 531 MAPLE LEAF LOOP Fire sprinkler 20-15-19050-0036
BP-17-00544 MACISAAC 335 WESTSIDE RD Floor framing 20-15-34059-0001
BP-18-00240 WILLIAMS 210 PENDLETON DR Post holes 17-18-08059-0002
FS-18-00019 BJORG,GORDON E & DONNA M 341 BIG HILL DR CLE ELUM WA Fire sprinkler 20-15-19059-0005


Inspector: Unassigned
Permit Owner Address Inspection Type Map Number
BP-18-00291 MINER'S DEVELOPMENT, LLC 160 MINER'S CAMP WAY, SUNCADIA Floor framing 20-15-19060-0018
BP-18-00140 MINER'S DEVELOPMENT, LLC 171 MINER'S CAMP WAY, SUNCADIA Slab plumbing 20-15-19060-0016
BP-18-00140 MINER'S DEVELOPMENT, LLC 171 MINER'S CAMP WAY, SUNCADIA Insulation 20-15-19060-0016
BP-17-00706 MINER'S DEVELOPMENT, LLC 101 MINER'S CAMP WAY, SUNCADIA Plumbing 20-15-19060-0010
BP-17-00706 MINER'S DEVELOPMENT, LLC 101 MINER'S CAMP WAY, SUNCADIA Gas piping 20-15-19060-0010
BP-17-00709 MINER'S DEVELOPMENT, LLC 121 MINER'S CAMP WAY, SUNCADIA Mechanical 20-15-19060-0012
BP-17-00709 MINER'S DEVELOPMENT, LLC 121 MINER'S CAMP WAY Framing 20-15-19060-0012
BP-18-00383 POPLAWSKI, RONALD E ETUX 5561 COVE RD ELLENSBURG Mechanical 17-17-12010-0011
K-93-05029 ROYAL, CHARLES M.III ETUX 3161 VIA KACHESS RD EASTON Final 21-13-17050-0043