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You can look up your parcel using your parcel or map number below. Your parcel information will show your map number, parcel number, and links to view it in TaxSifer or COMPAS.

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NEW: TaxSifter Property Search is now updated to a new version. You may still search by address, owner name, or by parcel number. However, our software vendor, TerraScan, does not provide a search by map number in the new TaxSifter version. Searching by map number is now only possible by using the COMPAS Mapping Application. In the Mapping Application, you can enter a map number into the search box to find a parcel. When you click on the parcel number in the gray information box that pops up, it will take you back to TaxSifter. Please note that there are still some adjustments being made to certain features of the new version. We appreciate your patience.

Our staff is committed to the verification of converted data and the maintenance of ever changing appraisal and ownership information. Your patience is appreciated as we continue efforts to provide the best mapping technology available to the county.

You may use this online search to obtain a property profile. You will need one of the following pieces of information about the property:

  • Address
  • Owner name
  • Parcel number
  • Map number (COMPAS only)

Downloadable parcel ownership and sales data