Coronavirus (Covid 19) Response: Business Safety

The local Kittitas County Health Order directs all businesses to prepare safety protocols for the protection of employees and the public they serve as follows:

Kittitas County Health Order

All Kittitas County businesses, regardless of essential or nonessential designation, must prepare safety protocols for the protection of employees and the public they serve. These plans should take into consideration physical distancing requirements, limiting customer capacity, altering business practices to include delivery or pickup, cleaning and disinfection.

Safety Protocol and Plan Requirements

Every business must have a safety protocol and plan in place. However, the safety protocol and plan does not need to be reviewed or approved by the Health Officer. Businesses are encouraged to check with their state and national industry experts or governing body for industry specific COVID-19 requirements.

Business Resources

The following resources have been developed to support businesses with development of their safety protocols and plan:

1. Washington State COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Business and Workers – Instructions for Businesses by Phase of Reopening

Washington’s Safe Start plan outlines a phased in approach to business re-opening that includes adequate social distancing measures and health standards. Click on the following link to access business sector related guidelines from the State of Washington.

Note: Businesses may also need to meet additional requirements developed specifically for their industry.

Reopening Guidance from the Office of Governor Inslee

2. Safety Plan Worksheet Templates (not a required format)

Businesses can use whatever template they choose unless there are industry specific COVID-19 requirements including industry specific forms. We have provided the following sample worksheets as a resource.

Which Form Template Is Right for Your Business?

Level 1: Lower Exposure Risk Jobs: jobs that do not require contact with people known to be, or suspected of being, infected with COVID-19 patients nor frequent close contact with (i.e., within 6 feet of) the general public. Workers in this category have minimal occupational contact with the public and other coworkers.

Download the Level 1 Safety Plan Template

Level 2: Medium Exposure Risk Jobs: jobs that require frequent and/or close contact with (i.e., within 6 feet of) people who may be infected with COVID19 but are not known or suspected to have COVID-19. Workers in this category are working in areas with ongoing community transmission of COVID-19 patients:

  • Frequent contact with travelers who may return from locations with widespread COVID-19 transmission.
  • Contact with the general public (e.g., schools, high-population-density work environments, some high-volume retail settings).

Download the Level 2 Safety Plan Template

Level 3: Very High and High Exposure Risk Jobs: are those with high potential for exposure to known or suspected sources of COVID-19 during specific medical, postmortem, or laboratory procedures.

Workers in this category are working with known or suspected COVID-19 patients:

  • Healthcare workers (e.g., doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, emergency medical technicians)
  • Healthcare or laboratory personnel collecting or handling specimens
  • Medical transport workers
  • Morgue workers performing autopsies and Mortuary workers

Download the Level 3 Safety Plan Template

A Message from Dr. Larson, Kittitas County Health Officer

Our businesses are already thinking about safety as we move through the stages of reopening. Every business in Kittitas County will be required to have a safety protocol and plan in place, but they are not required to have it reviewed prior to reopening to the public. We are committed to providing the support and feedback that businesses need to complete their safety protocol and plan. Our goal is to make sure all of our businesses can open safely as soon as the Governor announces that their sector can reopen.

Resources and Links
Sample Plans by Sector

Restaurants, grocery stores, campgrounds, schools, child care

SAMPLE - Restaurant - Iron Horse Brewery.5.6.2020
SAMPLE - Grocery Store Safety Plan - Super One Foods.5.5.2020

Medical and health related facilities including gyms, clinics, pharmacies, dental clinics, orthodontia, urgent care

There are no sample plans for this sector yet. Check back soon.

Government and nonprofit organizations

SAMPLE - Non Profit Safety Plan - HopeSource.5.4.2020

Churches, church groups

SAMPLE - Church Safety Plan - Mercer Creek Church 5.4.2020

Service, retail, construction, outdoor recreation

SAMPLE - Salon Safety Plan-GGs Salon
SAMPLE - Manufacturing Safety Plan - Shoemaker Manufacturing Company

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