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Bar 14 Road Bridge Over Naneum Creek Reopened to One Way Traffic

Kittitas County, WA - 09/06/2017 - The bridge over Naneum Creek on Bar 14 Road has been closed due to April flood events. Public Works has spent the last several months working to free debris, re-establish flows and evaluate the structural capacity after the bridge sustained significant damage. Results indicate that a portion of the existing bridge is no longer able to support traffic.

Public Works has completed efforts to re-establish one way, stop controlled traffic over the existing bridge.  Temporary concrete barrier has been deployed to restrict vehicles from accessing the damaged portion of the bridge.  Additionally the surrounding roadway pavement suffered significant damage.  Public Works has elected to leave a gravel surface on the one way portion of roadway until the long term repairs that are necessary can be addressed.

Initial estimates indicate the bridge replacement cost and required stream re-establishment will reach upwards of one and a half million dollars.  Public Works will seek to secure federal grant funding for the needed bridge replacement project.  This could result in the re-establishment of a two lane roadway being delayed as long as 2022.

Kittitas County encourages drivers to be cautious of the traffic revision along Bar 14 Road and to be respectful of the stop condition on either side of the bridge.

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