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New Vehicle Licensing Subagent Open

Kittitas County, WA - 08/11/2017 - New Vehicle Licensing Subagent will be open for the public August 14, 2017.

Ellensburg Licensing, LLC will be open for the public starting August 14, 2017.  Anyone wishing to renew license tabs or transfer title to a vehicle or vessel will now have an option other than the County Auditor's Office.  Ellensburg Licensing, LLC is located at 504 East Mountain View Ave, Suite 2 in Ellensburg, the south end of the Grand Meridian Theater Complex across from Bi-Mart.  Their hours are 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays.  There is no additional cost to renew tabs or transfer title compared to the Auditor's Office.  The fees are the same.  Using a subagent is revenue neutral to the county.

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Contact: Jerry Pettit, County Auditor 509-962-7557 or jerry.pettit@co.kittitas.wa us