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Morgan Creek Mud slide isolates home.

Kittitas County, WA - 02/10/2020 - The Sheriff's Office brought in DNR Engineers to assist in evaluating the slope area on Morgan Creek, after a mudslide was reported on Saturday the 8th.

Sheriff Myers stated that "The primary concern with this slide is risk to the public and critical infrastructure. We need to determine if the Jolly Mountain Fire resulted in a slope de-stabilization for the area and if so, determine mitigation steps".

Members of the Sheriff's Emergency Management Division and the county Public Works Department responded when rain and rapidly melting snow caused some isolated slides and road damage on Saturday. After clearing some culverts and brush, a request was sent to the Department Of Natural Resources for a geological inspection. The DNR Staff responded Sunday and determined this was an isolated event and that the mountain face is stable. This does not preclude further slides should weather conditions change.

Currently the slide has damaged the private road and water supply and cut off access to one home. Though red cross and county resources are available, none have been requested.

The Board of County Commissioners, US Forrest Service DNR, Conservation District and the Fire Services have all been notified.


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Contact: Darren Higashiyama