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Help for Self-Represented Parties in Superior Court

Kittitas County, WA - 07/31/2019 - Ellensburg, Washington -

The Kittitas County Clerk’s Office is pleased to announce that through a collaborative effort between the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Washington State Clerk’s Association, and the Northwest Justice Project; that additional help is available to self-represented parties through fill-in-the-blank forms located at
This is the first release and includes 66 of the most commonly requested forms.    The project is due to complete approximately 200 forms by this same time next year.    The process is similar to that of using a computer to fill out your Federal Income Tax filings.   The party using this tool will answer a series of questions and the forms are programmed to auto-populate those answers into the forms.
The Clerk’s Office has a list of resources they commonly provide to customers that list where legal information can be found and researched.  “The legal process may be complicated and difficult for people to understand,” says Kittitas County Clerk, Val Barschaw.  “Because we work with the process every day, people often have the expectation that we can tell what they need to do; but we are legally prohibited from doing that.  Letting the customer know that there are resources available to help is our way to comfort them through their challenging event.” 
The records of the Superior Court case files are maintained by the Clerk’s Office.  The files which are public records are available for public inspection and copying unless sealed by court order and/or protected by Court Rules, the Revised Code of Washington or the Washington Administrative Code.
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The county clerk is one of several independent, elected officials provided by the Washington State Constitution (Article IV, Sec.  26), with specific and special duties assigned by statute, as well as local and state court rules.  The position of the county clerk is best characterized as the record keeping and financial officer of the Superior Court.

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