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Ellensburg fire this morning

Kittitas County, WA - 06/27/2019 - An automatic fire sprinkler system saves hay press building in Ellensburg.

At 6:46 AM this morning, Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue was dispatched to a commercial fire alarm at No. 9 Hay on Hungry Junction Rd.  The alarm company reported fire alarm activation with waterflow and sprinkler fire pump activation.

Several minutes later, a caller at the location notified Kittcom 911 that there was a confirmed fire in a hay press building.

Firefighters arrived to find a fire contained to a small area of the building near a mechanical room and quickly suppressed the fire.

The automatic fire sprinkler system was commissioned and put into service at the end of March of this year by the County Fire Marshal.  The sprinkler system and a new fire alarm system were installed secondary to the addition of a new press building at the facility.

A fire began in a faulty light fixture in a mechanical room that quickly spread and activated 3 sprinkler heads at the ceiling of the steel building.  The sprinkler system performed as it was intended and suppressed the fire, containing it to the area of origin until firefighters arrived to extinguish the fire.

The building suffered minimal damage and was a save.   The automatic sprinkler system saved the building and provided time for the fire department to arrive and mange the fire.  There were also employees working in the area who may have been placed in danger of the fire. There are no reported injuries and work is underway to restore the facility to full operation soon.


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Contact: Pat Nicholson, Fire Marshal