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Kittitas County Board of Commissioners Adopts Position Statement Defining “No Net Loss” for Public Access on Public Roads

Kittitas County, WA - 04/16/2019 - The Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 2019-061, “Position Statement from Kittitas County Board of Commissioners: “No Net Loss” For Public Access on Public Roads”.

The definition was established after vetting through the Public Lands Advisory Committee and discussion with public land managers. This is necessary to effectively communicate with the area’s public land managers, and is a reference for making decisions effecting access to public lands. Commissioner Laura Osiadacz stated, “Public lands constitute nearly 71 percent of the total land in our county. These properties are a vital community resource, and it is our responsibly to protect public access.”
Kittitas County Board of Commissioners defines “No Net Loss” for public access on public roads as:
To achieve “No Net Loss” any established road or roads that are currently open which are permanently eliminated for the use of public travel by way of motorized transportation on public land or a public road should be replaced in the system by another road giving passage into the same geographical area.
How to Mitigate for Road Closures
(1) If the State or Federal Agency can demonstrate unequivocally why the permanent road closure is necessary and/or mandatory with no alternative to give passage into the same geographical area they can replace that road loss with a comparable road network by going through a public process with meetings and outreach efforts conducted in the county affected. This should aim to provide a road network that is equal to or superior to the original road as determined by public input.
(2) When a State or Federal Agency purchases private land with existing roads they shall go through a public process with meetings and outreach efforts conducted in the county affected to assist in determining which roads shall remain open for public use by motorized transportation. In this process roads should aim to provide access to distinct geographic areas, scenic or interesting wildland experience, and lands that have a defined historical importance.

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Contact: Laura Osiadacz: Kittitas County Commissioner, District 1
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