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Federal Court Dismisses Case against Kittitas County Regarding the Shady Acres Mobile Home Park

Kittitas County, WA - 02/15/2019 - Federal Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson has dismissed the case brought by NW Justice Project against Kittitas County in which it alleged violation of the Fair Housing Act related to the County’s purchase and management of the Shady Acres mobile home park.

The court found no evidence of a Fair Housing act violation. The Court said “There is nothing in the record to support that anyone who wants or needs housing in the park has been declined…There also is no evidence that anyone currently living in the park has been denied the opportunity to stay.  Therefore, [NW Justice Project] did not submit evidence supporting any injury in fact relating to actualized impact on the Latino and Hispanic population…In essence, until the County closes the park, or gives notice of closure of the park, there cannot be disparate impact or treatment. Even if potential injury in one form or another is likely because of a possibility that the County eventually will close the park, that injury is speculative until it actually occurs.  [NW Justice Project’s] claims are not ripe for adjudication at this time.  Therefore, the Court lacks jurisdiction and must dismiss [NW Justice Project’s] complaint without prejudice.”
The Kittitas County Prosecutor’s Office moved for summary dismissal of this action based on the fact that the County has done nothing to violate the Fair Housing Act.  In dismissing the action, the Court agreed.  In dismissing the action, the Court finds nothing improper about the County’s purchase or management of the property.

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