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2019 Lodging Tax Recommendations

Kittitas County, WA - 11/20/2018 - Consolidated Lodging Tax Work Group Forwards Recommendations for Final Approval

The county-wide consolidated lodging tax work group met Friday, November 16, 2018 to review 2019 grant applications for special events and projects.  Funding for the grants comes from a special sales tax collected on overnight lodging facilities throughout the county.  The tax is collected by Kittitas County and the Cities of Roslyn, Cle Elum, and Ellensburg.  Each entity makes a portion of the funds it collects available for this annual grant process and appoints representatives to the work group that reviews the applications.  Funds made available by each jurisdiction this year totaled $237,585.00.  The work group recommended awards totaling $237,584.50.

As part of the review process, the work group heard from each applicant recommended for funding and then deliberated on the final awards.  The final awards recommendations must now be approved by each participating jurisdiction’s legislative body prior to becoming official.  The following applications were approved for funding for 2019:

Applicants - 2019 Recommended Awards
Gallery One: Annual Marketing, $15,000.00
Cle Elum Downtown Association, $16,000.00
Washington State Horse Park: 2019 Marketing Plan, $26,500.00
Laughing Horse Arts Foundation: Jazz in the Valley, $10,000.00
Thorp Mill Museum PR and Digital Marketing Plan, $6,300.00
Ellensburg Downtown Association: Hoedown, Buskers, Hometown Holidays, Downtown Maps, Dachshunds on Parade,  $3,216.00
Western Art Association: National Fine Art Show and Auction, $7,816.00
Junk-tiquen in the Burg,  $4,117.00
RTown Community: Roslyn Art Fest 2019, $2,000.00
Easton Memorial Day Celebration, $2,620.00
Kittitas County Search and Rescue: 2019 Washington State Search & Rescue Conference, $10,700.00
Clymer Museum and Gallery: Annual Marketing Budget,  $2,975.00
First Things First, Inc. DBA: Huffman Farms, $6,000.00
Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce: Tourism Entrepreneurship Program, $9,600.00
Kittitas Environmental Education Network: Yakima River Canyon Bird Fest, $12,950.00
Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering, $7,400.00
Kittitas County Chamber: Roslyn Mountain Ale Festival, $942.50
Kittitas Environmental Education Network: WindFall Cider Fest and Bluegrass,  $7,180.00
Ellensburg Film Festival, $3,800.00
Cle Elum Roundup, $7,494.00
Hospice Friends: Cruisin' For Hospice,  $1,896.00
Kittitas County Historical Society, Inc.: Special Event Advertising,  $13,750.00
2019  ChillAxle Classic Car Show and RC Car Race, $10,000.00
Ellensburg Downtown Association: Buskers Comedy Kickoff, $1,400.00
Ellensburg Downtown Association: Girls Night Out Buses/Entertainment, Brewfest Comedy Kickoff, $3,500.00
Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce: Disney Institute, $25,000.00
Kron: Veritas Medieval Faire, $7,700.00
Kittitas County Chamber: Dachshunds German Fest, $11,728.00

The county-wide consolidated lodging tax work group process embodies strong cooperation between all of the participating cities and the County.  It also provides a streamlined process for applicants with one set of rules, coordinated timing for decisions, and one standardized application and review process.

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Contact: Laura Osiadacz
Kittitas County Commissioner, District 2