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Ellensburg, WA - 03/22/2018 - Ellensburg, WA – The Kittitas County Clerk’s Office formally announced today that it has successfully completed uploading two years of Superior Court records to the Washington Secretary of State Digital Archives (, for the prior two years, 2016 and 2017. The Clerk’s Office will upload its incoming records on a weekly basis.

Val Barschaw, County Clerk, expects this technology will advance the public’s access to records and provide significant conveniences.  The service is available 24/7 as well as affords a preview of the document to ensure it is indeed the document the customer seeks.  Costs to obtain copies from the digital archives are set in statute and include a minor convenience fee in addition to the $ .25 per page standard fee for electronic copies.
“This was truly a team effort” reports Barschaw, “that was made possible by the dedication of our Records Deputy, Cassey Henrickson; with the collaboration from our County I.T. team as well as the Secretary of State staff.  This advancement is a spectacular milestone and shows what can be accomplished using tenacity, great attitude, and technical know-how.”
The digital archive feature will permit the public an additional method to obtain copies of the Kittitas County Superior Court records filed after January 1, 2016.  Copy fulfillment requests are also handled  in-person, by mail, and by telephone; during normal business hours at the Clerk’s Office.    

Superior Court case files which are public records are available for public inspection and copying unless sealed by court order and/or protected by the Court Rules, the Revised Code of Washington or the Washington Administrative Code.

Achieving this milestone also helps to serve the Secretary of State’s mission statement of safeguarding vital government records and leveraging technology to improve efficiency and enhance customer service.  “Another new benefit”, adds Barschaw “is that this also provides an additional layer of safe-keeping to the retention of the records which we are entrusted to maintain in perpetuity.”
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The county clerk is one of several independent, elected officials provided by the Washington State Constitution (Article IV, Sec.  26), with specific and special duties assigned by statute, as well as local and state court rules.  The position of the county clerk is best characterized as the record keeping and financial officer of the Superior Court.

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