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Bar 14 Road to be Closed Indefinitely Monday October 30th 2017

Kittitas County, WA - 10/26/2017 - Work to prepare for the removal of the Bar 14 Road Bridge over Naneum Creek will begin on Monday October 30th, 2017. This will also include construction of side channels, ditch maintenance, and other work required to prepare for Naneum creek channel grading to remove debris buildup. Public Works anticipates receiving the required environmental permits for the creek channel grading by November 6th, 2017. Once the permits are received and if weather permits channel grading will begin.

The Bar 14 Bridge over Naneum Creek suffered significant damage during flood events in the spring of 2017 and can no longer be maintained at a full service level.

This bridge has historically had issues with debris buildup, and Public Works has had to remove debris from the creek under the bridge annually for many years.

The bridge was analyzed by structural engineers who recommended the bridge be opened to a single lane configuration only.  This single lane configuration was utilized during the summer of 2017 to keep traffic off of the damaged portion of the bridge.

This summer Public Works consulted with hydraulic engineers who specialize in hydrology and sediment transport to seek solutions for the reoccurring flooding and debris buildup at the bridge location.  The recommendation received was to remove the existing bridge and to perform some channel grading in the immediate vicinity to remove debris buildup.  The creek channel has filled with debris over time and is now at an elevation that renders the Bar 14 Road Bridge functionally obsolete from a hydraulic standpoint.  Hydraulic functionality of the bridge will only worsen, and additional structural damage is likely as high runoff events occur if the bridge is left in place.

Public Works recognizes that the removal of the bridge will not eliminate flooding from Naneum Creek as the Naneum/Wilson hydraulic system is in need of maintenance globally and will require multiple projects by multiple partners.

Initial estimates indicate the bridge replacement cost and required stream re-establishment will reach upwards of one and a half to two million dollars.  Public Works will seek to secure federal grant funding for a future bridge replacement project.  However due to the low average daily traffic on Bar 14 (50 vehicles per day) and with detour routes in very close proximity the likelihood of receiving federal funds is very low.

Public Works will construct turn arounds following the bridge removal by the summer of 2018.

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