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Reporting Flood Damage

Kittitas County, WA - 01/19/2011 - Due to significant damage caused by flooding, Kittitas County Officials declared a state of emergency. We will collect and submit both private and commercial damage to the state in the hopes that relief funds become available.

Damage must be reported to the local Emergency Management Agency, which in turn documents the information of specific forms and sends it to the State Emergency Management Division (EMD) to be compiled with the reports from other effected counties.


1.      Go to the County Website and enter information at

2.      Call in the information.  For Ellensburg call the City at 962-7239. For the County call 962-7525.

3.      Schedule an on-site inspection.  For Ellensburg call the City at 962-7239 for the County call 962-7506.

4.      You can also stop by the Sheriff’s Office during business hours and complete the form.

5.      Complete the attached form and drop off at the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office or Community Development Services on 411 North Ruby.

It is very important that all damage be estimated and reported in order to meet the threshold for receiving those disaster assistance funds if they become available.

The assessment forms are not a substitute for property damage claims through your property insurer and you should contact your insurance company to report your property losses. Document all damage with photographs if possible.

The forms must be filled out completely by the property owner or by both the occupant and the property owner if it is leased/rented.  If the property leased/rented, then the renter only estimate personal property damage on Form 1-PR and the landlord would estimate the structural property loss on Form 2-BU (the landlord could also fill out a Form 1-PR if personal property was damaged).

Only damages to residences and business, including personal property inside can be counted. Garages or outbuildings cannot be included in the estimate.

*Important!  If you have damages caused by the recent flooding and mudslides you should also contact your insurance company to start their own processes.

If you have any questions contact the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office/Emergency Management Division at 509-962-7525.

Additional information will be made available.

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Contact: Clayton Myers, Kittitas County Sheriff's Office, 962-7525