Facility Information

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Draft Horse Barn - Barn B

36 Box Stalls (10'x12' each) Solid wood between each stall - no bedding

Regular Rate per stall $21.00/night
Event or Group Rate per stall $16.00/night
Tie/Day/Tack Use per stall $10.00

Barn buy-out (all 36 stalls, for horse/livestock) $535.00/day (night)
Barn buy-out (whole barn, no animals) $105.00

Occupancy: 0
Square Footage: 0
Total fees, or 25% if multiple facilities are rented.
Barn Use - No Stabling:$105.00
Available Amenities*:

*Displayed prices do not include applicable sales tax of 8.3% on amenities. RV and dry camping is subject to an additional 2% lodging tax.

If you need any assistance, or for special bookings, call the KVEC office.