Facility Information

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Camping - RV on VC

Located between Barns & Teanaway/Umtanum Halls.

RV camping sites are for any rig that hook-ups to water and/or power.
Dry & Tent camping is no hook-ups to water and/or power - They cannot be in hook-up areas or will be charged same as if hooked into water and/or power.

(Water is not available October 15-March 31 depending on weather).

Hook-ups Single Rate: $36.75 per night per vehicle
Hook-ups Event or Group Rate: $31.5 per night per vehicle
Dry/Tent Camping: $17.85 per night per space/tent

Sales and lodging tax applies.

Occupancy: 0
Square Footage: 0
Total fees, or 25% if multiple facilities are rented.
Camping Dry/Tent:$17.85
Camping w/Hookup Group Rate:$31.50
Camping w/Hookup Individual Rate:$36.75
Available Amenities*:
Horse stall:$15.75
Stock pens:$10.50
Picnic Tables:$6.30

*Displayed prices do not include applicable sales tax of 8.3% on amenities. RV and dry camping is subject to an additional 2% lodging tax.

If you need any assistance, or for special bookings, call the KVEC office.