2015 Esri SAG Award Recipient

Special Achievement in GIS 2015 Award Winner

The nomination

The Esri Northwest Regional office in Olympia, WA nominated Kittitas County to the Esri Corporate office in Redlands, CA. Out of 100,000 Esri clients world-wide, Kittitas County was one of the 175 who received a SAG award in 2015.

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Why we were chosen

  • Centralized GIS
  • Disaster response and assistance using GIS
  • Data transparency
  • Data Management

Disaster Response

The county purchased an ArcGIS Online subscription in 2012 to publish a maps portal on our public website. When the Taylor Bridge fire occurred, we were one of the first organizations to use ArcGIS Online for emergency response. As evacuation zones, road blocks, and the active fire perimeter were being updated in the EOC, real-time map updates could be published through feature services.

Local, federal and state agencies were able to consume these feature services into their own applications, and the public could receive instant updates through our web mapping application. This has become a vital piece in supporting Kittitas County wildfire emergency response. For fire mop-up, we developed a mobile application using the Esri ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET to run on a Windows tablet. It is designed for offline data collection in the field to report damaged structure losses. Field collected data is then synchronized with our central server when the tablet is brought back to the office.

Data Transparency

Our GIS page features downloadable GIS data through Esri’s Open Data template, a maps portal using a modified version of the Esri local government template for sharing static and dynamic maps, and a new web mapping application built from a modified Esri local government information model tax parcel viewer template. These 3 applications have made Kittitas County more transparent and accessible to the public and all 3 applications will run on all mobile device platforms.


COMPAS is directed at property information by providing the user intuitive tools to find a property, identify its owner, access Kittitas County Assessor information, district information, and critical areas such as wetlands, flood zones and snow loads.

Interactive Maps

The Maps portal is the place where you can find static and interactive maps, organized into a gallery, for easy access to information and projects maintained by the county. The most popular maps will be presented on the main landing page, or you can filter the maps by category and type you are seeking.

Kittitas Data

Search and download all of the data that Kittitas County maintains through our new Open Data website. You can browse the table structure and even view the data on the map before you download it.