Request for Proposal for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone Systems and Services

RFP#: 201801-VoIP

STATUS: On September 4, 2018 in Resolution 2018-140 the Board of County Commissioners awarded RFP 201801-VoIP to Ednetics. On behalf of the county, the RFP review team thanks all vendors who responded to the RFP. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Bid Opening

Bids were be opened at 205 W 5th AVE STE 13, Ellensburg, WA 98926 on Friday, February 23, 2018. 2:00 PM PST. The following bids were accepted as complete (in alphabetical order):

  • All Phase
  • Cerium Networks, Inc.
  • CNR, Inc.
  • Consolidated Communications
  • Ednetics
  • Firstline Voice and Data
  • Interface Technologies Northwest
  • Tri-Tech Communications, Inc.

The following bids were received incomplete or after the 2:00 PM deadline:

  • FutureLink Technologies
  • Jive Communications, Inc.

This RFP was issued January 18, 2018 with public notice.


The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from vendors for the selection of an IP voice system and services for Kittitas. The RFP provides vendors with the overall scope of products and services desired, specific software functionality, technology foundation as well as desired vendor qualifications.

Key events and dates (RFP section 4.1)

RFP issued
Deadline for vendor submission of written questions
County response to written vendor questions due
02/20/2018 by 2 PM PST 02/23/2018 by 2 PM PST
Proposal due

Questions/answers/addenda (RFP section 5)

No. Section No. Reference Subject Clarification Sought Clarification Response Date
1 2 Project Scope Can you clarify if the County is seeking a proposal for an on premise phone system or a hosted solution?

The solution requested is to be on-premises; however we encourage you to provide details of a hosted solution as an option. For more information see the following:

Section 2. The scope of this project includes the purchase and installation of server equipment and software on‐premises, network switches with PoE, QoS configuration and implementation, replacement of all telephones, and training for users and administrators.

Section 6.4. Carefully describe the approach to be used to deliver the completed on‐premises system. Note where standard products are to be used and where there will be custom engineering. Identify all business partners and third party providers/interests.

Describe in detail options to the on‐premises solution managed by the county (e.g., hosted, cloud, vendor managed), and provide cost details.

2 5.2 Table 5.1 Facility Locations and LAN/WAN Environment Please identify number and mix of telephones and trunks at each site. See Table 5.1 - Revised. Please note, all communication from satellite buildings will be routed to the courthouse via fiber where it will be centrally managed. The pricing sheet (Appendix D) includes switches needed to accomplish this. 2/6/2018
3Appx DVoice MessagingWhat quantity of basic voicemail boxes does the county need that would not include Unified Messaging. None. For the purposes of this RFP the county is requesting all mailboxes include Unified Messaging.2/6/2018
4Appx DUnified MessagingWhat quantity of Unified Messaging voicemail boxes does the county need?1012/6/2018
5Appx DMonthly recurring: trunk portsIs the county looking for the successful vendor to provide the dial tone?Yes. For the on-premises solution we anticipate the vendor will use the local telco to preserve current DID's; however we encourage you to provide details of a hosted solution as an option which might replace current DID's.2/6/2018
6Appx DMonthly recurring: trunks portsIf the county is looking for us to provide dial tone how many DID's does the county currently have. 3482/6/2018
75.2Table 5.1 Facility Locations and LAN/WAN EnvironmentYou have 12 location, in the event of a WAN failure do any of the locations need to be survivable? Is yes which locations?No. If survivability is required by the county it will be provided outside the scope of this RFP; however, if you have a solution for providing survivability, such as cellular or trunks at different sites, we are interested in hearing about it.2/6/2018
85.2Table 5.1 Facility Locations and LAN/WAN Environment - Telephone Service ProviderID service from local telco for each location (example: copper lines or PRI/T1 If copper lines how many lines at each location).See Table 5.1 - Revised.2/6/2018
9Appx DPhone/Qty ID phones for each location (example: City Hall 200 phone, Sheriff/Prosecutor 50 phones ect.)See Table 5.1 - Revised.2/6/2018
10Appx DVideoDoes the phone itself need to provide the video option?Regarding question 171 and Appx D, a video capable phone would have a display, camera, microphone, and speaker which would allow the caller and receiver to see and hear each other.2/6/2018
11Appx DPoE SwitchesDoes the County prefer a specific manufacturer of PoE Switches?The county prefers Cisco switches.2/7/2018
12Analog Port RequirementsAre there any analog ports required at any of the County offices?For the purposes of this RFP, no. Any analog ports will be acquired by the county outside the scope of this RFP. Also see response to question 7 on the RFP webpage. 2/7/2018
13E911Does the County have more than 1 PSAP for 911 calls or is it the same PSAP for all sites?KITTCOM is the county's PSAP which covers all county facilities. 2/7/2018
145.3VM WareDoes the County have the capacity for a virtualized Phone system at this time?Yes, the county's datacenter runs VM Ware and is capable of hosting a virtualized phone system. 2/7/2018
15Appx DTrunks PortsCan the County provide us with the current Telco interfaces, e.g. PRI or SIP, analog?The county's current PBX is at FairPoint Communications; we don't receive any trunks. See Table 5.1 - Revised. 2/7/2018
16Existing Telephone EquipmentCan the County provide a list of existing telephone sets and telephone equipment that can potentially be used as manufacture promotions?For the purpose of this RFP, do not consider promotional discounts on equipment trade-ins. We appreciate the opportunity and will be happy to consider this after the RFP is awarded. 2/7/2018
17165Describe your proposed-on premise trunk routing selection 1. You have requested cost for local phone service.
a. As an equipment provider/support organization can I partner with another provider for the monthly service?
b. Does the county have a preference regarding SIP or traditional PRI
c. Does the county prefer one carrier or multiple?
d. Is staying with the existing carriers but consolidating services an option?

A. Yes, vendors may partner with local providers. Please include your intent to do so in your RFP response and include applicable costs.
B. The county does not have a preference between PRI and dedicated SIP trunks, and will look to the vendor for recommendations.
C. The county prefers one carrier where possible; however the only known carrier for the facilities in Ellensburg is FairPoint Communications and the only known carrier for facilities in Cle Elum is CenturyLink.
D. Unknown.
18162Describe how users connect the system when they are off site 1 Does the county want us to provide a firewall for remote access?
2. What type of Firewall does the county use? Does it have the capability to support IP Sec VPN for off network phone connection?
1. No, we do not want the vendor to provide a firewall.
2. The county has a Fortinet firewall which does support IP Sec VPN.
19A-89Describe how faxing worksWill there be any analog services left in any of the locations for faxing, alarms or other services? If Yes;
a. Do we need to provide costs for separate carrier based analog trunks? If Yes how many
b. Would the county entertain Sip/VoIP gateways and how many for local standard fax machines?
c. When providing fax server options? Can we assume that all location will have access to a scanner.
Analog ports needed for alarms or other services will be acquired by the county outside the scope of this RFP. Also see response to question 7 on the RFP webpage.
A. No.
B. At this time the county is not looking to connect fax machines or other analog devices to the VoIP service.
C. N/A.
20A-58Unified MessagingCan you please provide a description of your email Services? Is it onsite Exchange? If yes, what is the brand and release. If cloud, who is the supplier and what is the service know as?The county has an on premises Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.2/7/2018
21Appx DMonthly recurring Long DistanceDo you have an average monthly estimate in minutes of how much long distance the county currently uses?The county does not have an average monthly long distance minutes figure. Please provide a per minute rate.2/7/2018
225.1-5.2PSTN ConnectivityWhat types of phone trunks do you have and how many of these are there in each of you locationsSee Table 5.1 - Revised.2/7/2018
235.1-5.2Voice & Data NetworkHow many phone endpoints are there in each location and which locations need to be survivable in case the WAN connection to the main location is disrupted and not availableSee Table 5.1 - Revised. For the purpose of the RFP, no survivability is needed. If survivability is required by the county it will be provided outside the scope of this RFP; however, if you have a solution for providing survivability, such as cellular or trunks at different sites, we are interested in hearing about it.2/7/2018
245.3System EnvironmentAre you interested in Virtualizing the new voice platform on VM Ware and your serversYes, the county's datacenter runs VM Ware and is capable of hosting a virtualized phone system.2/7/2018
255.3System EnvironmentWhat version of Microsoft Exchange are you running now. Do you have Office 365 currently or do you have any plans to migrate to this platform soonThe county has an on premises Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. There is no plan to migrate to Office 365.2/7/2018
26Q 166Technical QuestionsDo you have a Fax Server todayNo.2/7/2018
27Q 130Vendor SupportHas a VoIP Network Readiness Assessment ever been completed for your organizationNo.2/7/2018
28Appx DPricing WorksheetWhat uplinks do you want included with the switches that are requestedSFP.2/7/2018