Food Access Coalition for Kittitas County

Food Bank Healthy Food Projects

Since the inception of the coalition, there have been concentrated efforts to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables distributed through local food banks. There have also been efforts to increase food donations which encourage cooking at home, incorporate nutrition information, and strengthen food bank commitments to providing healthy food options.

  • Farm, garden and fruit tree gleaning
    Each year volunteer gleaners are recruited to help glean excess fruits and vegetables from local farms, orchards, gardens, and fruit trees for donation to local food banks. To volunteer or to donate, please contact KCPHD at 509-962-7515 or
  • Produce Donation ProjectHome garden donations People with home gardens that grow more produce than they can use can donate their surplus to one of three local food banks. The three local food banks that can receive fresh produce donations are:
    • HopeSource, 110 Pennsylvania AVE, Cle Elum, 509-674-2375
    • FISH Food Bank, 1513 N B St, Ellensburg, 509-925-5990
    • APOYO Food Bank, corner of 18th Ave and Brooklane St, 509-929-4112
  • Home cooking donations
    Food banks encourage community members to cook at home. Examples of home cooking donations include condiments, dressings, spices, baking ingredients, jams/jellies, pasta, rice, beans, etc. Preparing meals from scratch at home typically results in more nutritious meals than processed foods or pre-prepared meals from outside food establishments.
  • Nutrition information
    Local food banks have nutrition information and healthy recipes available during food bank distribution hours.
  • Healthy Food and Good Nutrition Policy
    Health department staff, with input from coalition members, work with local food banks on strengthening food banks' commitments to increasing healthy food options and nutrition education opportunities. These efforts include increasing the proportion of nutritious foods offered and distributed, providing opportunities to food bank customers to learn about good nutrition, and encouraging healthy food donations from community members.

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