The term of this Agreement shall commence on  March 3rd 2016, and continue for a period of one year from its effective date. Kittitas County may, at its option, extend the Contract on a year-to-year basis for up to four (4) additional years. Compensation can be amended on a yearly basis in writing to adjust for market fluctuation based on the  _________________________.  Any party may terminate this Agreement by giving thirty (30) days notice in writing either personally delivered or mailed postage-prepaid by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the party's last known address for the purposes of giving notice under this paragraph.


Contractor shall perform the following:

Contractor shall receive and recycle or properly dispose Scrap Tires placed in Contractor’s trailers by County.

Contractor shall provide and place an open top trailer, minimum of 50 cubic yard capacity at the County’s designated scrap tire collection site located at the Ellensburg Transfer Station, 1001 Industrial Way Ellensburg, WA 98926. The Contractor also will provide this service at the Upper County Transfer Station upon the County providing proof that each site will produce 9 tons of tires every 6 weeks.

The County will give 7 calendar days’ notification of need of tire removal. If the loaded trailer is not picked up and an empty trailer matching the above described standard put in designated area within 7 calendar days of notification, the County can contact another company to provide a trailer and back charge all incurred cost to Contractor.

County shall provide Contractor weighing services for shipments leaving County locations. Contractor shall weigh in empty on site and weigh out after receiving prepared shipment.

Contractor shall transport and recycle or properly dispose of all Scrap Tires received from the County in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.  Tires will be shredded and used as fuel, or recycled in some other manner or properly disposed which is consistent with the County’s policies.

Under no circumstances shall any Tires hauled from the Kittitas County Solid Waste Facility be disposed of unlawfully by the Contractor.

For additional information please refer to the full copy of the PSA and for any question contact the Solid Waste Office at 509-962-7542

For more information, contact Solid Waste

All bid submittals shall become the property of Kittitas County.

Kittitas County reserves the right to reject all bids and re-advertise if necessary.