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Final Cumulative Impact Analysis and No Net Loss Report – County

The County draft Cumulative Impact Analysis report from January 2014 has been updated based on Department of Ecology comments and changes in the July 2014 Revised Final Draft SMP. This report (see below) is an analysis of the cumulative impacts that can be expected to occur if the Final Revised Draft SMP is implemented. The conclusion of the No Net Loss Report (see below) is that adoption of the County's July 2014 Revised Final Draft SMP would, over time, achieve no net loss of County shoreline ecological functions.

Final Cumulative Impact Analysis

The draft Cumulative Impact Analysis reports from November 2013 have been updated based on advisory committee comments and changes in the Draft SMPs. These reports are an analysis of the cumulative impacts that can be expected to occur if the Final Draft SMPs are implemented:

Draft Cumulative Impact Analysis

As part of the regional Shoreline Master Program (SMP) update effort underway in Kittitas County, City of Ellensburg, City of Cle Elum, and Town of South Cle Elum, each jurisdiction is required to evaluate the "cumulative impacts" of reasonably foreseeable future development to verify that the policies and regulations proposed for shoreline management in each jurisdiction are adequate to ensure "no net loss of shoreline functions." These reports are an analysis of the cumulative impacts that can be expected to occur if the Revised Draft SMPs are implemented:

Restoration Plan

The State's SMP Guidelines (WAC 173-26) require local governments to develop policies that promote restoration of impaired shoreline ecological functions and a "real and meaningful" strategy to implement restoration objectives. Restoration efforts in Kittitas County reflect decades of scientific study, community involvement, and partnerships between the County, the Yakama Nation, the Kittitas County Conservation District, state and federal agencies, and other public and private partner organizations. The Shoreline Restoration Plan builds on and complements these efforts.

The Shoreline Restoration Plan is a technical document intended to support the SMP update; it is not a regulatory document. The Restoration Plan includes goals, priorities and opportunities for the purpose of guiding restoration efforts along the shorelines of Kittitas County and its municipalities. The Restoration Plan is intended to be a dynamic document that is updated regularly or adjusted in response to changing priorities, new funding mechanisms, and new potential restoration projects.

Shoreline Inventory, Analysis & Characterization

The County and Cities/Town worked with the technical consultants and the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) over the first half of 2012 to prepare a draft Shoreline Inventory, Analysis and Characterization Report (ICR). The June 2012 draft ICR was used to assign proposed shoreline environment designations and develop proposed goals, policies and regulations for the January 2013 Initial Draft Shoreline Master Program (SMP). The June 2012 draft ICR was subsequently revised to include channel migration zone mapping and to respond to comments from the Citizen Advisory Committee and Department of Ecology. The May 2013 final ICR will be utilized to prepare a revised SMP for each individual jurisdiction and to show how the SMP will achieve no net loss of shoreline ecological functions. More information regarding the purpose of the ICR is available in Chapter 7 of the Department of Ecology Shoreline Handbook.

Final May 2013 Inventory and Characterization Report

Draft June 2012 Inventory and Characterization Report