Twenty-year Comprehensive Plan Update

Kittitas County is updating its Comprehensive plan as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). Kittitas County's comprehensive plan will establish policies for community growth and development for the next 20 years. Kittitas County's update process is required to be completed by June 30, 2017, see RCW 36.70A.130(5)(c).

Visioning Meetings

In February and March of 2016 Kittitas County Community Development Services held four visioning meetings, two report back meetings, and an online community visioning survey for the Comprehensive Plan update. In the first four initial meetings participants shared their input through facilitated small group discussions on comprehensive plan topics including: land use, economic development, recreation and parks, housing, rural and resource lands, transportation, and natural environment.

In the two report back meetings County staff shared a summary of the community input from the first four visioning meetings and participants worked in small groups to develop vision statements for the 2037 Kittitas County Comprehensive Plan.

The online community visioning survey was created by Community Development Services to provide an additional opportunity for community members to provide their feedback in the community visioning process. The online survey was structured in the same manner as the report back meeting exercise so that input was provided using the same constraints.

Please review the Public Visioning Summary Report and the Addendum to Community Vision Report which reflect community input from the six community visioning meetings and the online community visioning survey. The Addendum includes a draft of the vision statement for the 2037 Kittitas County Comprehensive Plan. Please send comments to

Draft Vision Statement

Kittitas County is a region with a distinct sense of place based on the quality and diversity of our natural and built environment, valued recreational opportunities, respected rural working lands, unique regional character, and commitment to a high quality of life.

Kittitas County addresses challenges of future growth in a direct manner. Coordinated planning and suitable density patterns ensure that rural areas, natural areas, and working lands are sustained for the benefit of current and future generations. An important factor in the County's growth is fostering a diverse economy with a variety of employment opportunities achieved through a balance of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing areas located and sized to ensure opportunities for rural-based employment. The diverse housing needs of current and future residents is met by providing a range of housing types that ensure adequate and affordable housing options.

Kittitas County enhances its regional character by preserving the diversity of existing resource tourism and promoting future opportunities for expansion and establishment of new resource tourism opportunities. The County protects, conserves, and responsibly manages natural resources through education, coordination, facilitation, and long term planning.

The cornerstone of the County's approach to planning is conducting activities in a manner that encourages citizen involvement, enhances public trust, and promotes mutual understanding.


1. Kittitas County 2037 - Community Visioning Summary Report
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