Twenty-year Comprehensive Plan Update

Kittitas County is updating its Comprehensive plan as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA). Kittitas County’s comprehensive plan will establish policies for community growth and development for the next 20 years. Kittitas County’s update process is required to be completed by June 30, 2017, see RCW 36.70A.130(5)(c).

Land Use Advisory Group


Amy Tousley
Donald Chance
George Seubert
Holly Myers
Jennifer Nelson
Lathan Wedin
Lenny Morrison
Lindsey Ozbolt
Marc Kirkpatrick
Marlene Pfeifer
Patty Clerf
Robin Read
Roger Olsen
Roger Weaver
Roxanne Brady

Meetings, Agendas, and Notes

View the meetings schedule.

2016-06-21 LUAG - meeting notes
2016-07-06 LUAG - comments on CAR 2016-001
2016-07-06 LUAG - comments on CAR 2016-002
2016-07-06 LUAG - meeting agenda
2016-07-06 LUAG - vision statement notes
2016-08-16 LUAG - meeting agenda
2016-09-19 LUAG - audit - land use element
2016-09-19 LUAG - meeting agenda
2016-10-03 LUAG - audit - land use element.
2016-10-03 LUAG - audit - rural lands element
2016-10-03 LUAG - meeting agenda


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