Comprehensive Plan Compliance 2012

Reports | Analyses

Stakeholder Early Outreach

The County conducted early outreach activities in January 2012. These activities included preparation and distribution of a questionnaire that was responded to by various stakeholders. The results of this effort are presented in a Stakeholder Early Outreach report dated February 2012. As recommended by County staff in this report, the County has prepared a revised questionnaire. The purpose of the revised questionnaire is to discover residents' perception of "What is 'rural'?" and ways to preserve or manage characteristics of the rural environment they value.

Preliminary Analysis

As a result of the Order Following Remand from Washington State Supreme Court in matters 07-1-0004c and 07-1-0015 dated November 7th of 2011, the County has identified twelve subareas in the rural area of the County that will be studied to assess their rural character. Draft analysis for these subareas was presented to the public at open house events in April and May. Based on this assessment and comments from the public, County staff has prepared a Preliminary Analysis report with a recommendation for potential amendments to the County Comprehensive Plan policies, land use designation map, zoning map and development regulations. The main sections of this Preliminary Analysis are outlined below. This Preliminary Analysis will be a resource for completing the remaining steps in the GMA compliance process. The public is encouraged to attend the Open Houses to provide comments on the Preliminary Analysis allowing the County to address community concerns while meeting issues for compliance to the Growth Management Act. Citizens can submit any comments on the Preliminary Analysis and initial Plan amendments mail to:

Mail: Kittitas County, Community Development Services, 411 N. Ruby Street, Suite 2, Ellensburg, WA 98926

City of Kittitas Urban Growth Area Assessment

Kittitas' Urban Growth Area analysis that was completed in 2009 and 2010 will be evaluated to prepare an updated analysis that will:

  • Identify whether the size of the future growth area is appropriate
  • Update the Land Capacity Analysis in regards to Industrial and Commercial lands use
  • Provide a vacant Industrial and Commercial lands analysis to give an accurate evaluation of lands available to job growth
  • Clarify the necessity for Industrial and Commercial lands and their impact on future job growth and development
  • Give a summary of the City of Kittitas UGA relationship to "market demand" regarding regional efforts to attract industry and other job generation businesses to Kittitas County