Comprehensive Plan Compliance 2012

Process | Timeline

How Will We Do It?

The County seeks community input about future growth in the rural areas of Kittitas County and the City of Kittitas urban growth area (UGA). The County, together with the City of Kittitas for the Kittitas UGA, will study land use designations and zoning for rural and urban areas and development regulations for rural development. These activities are scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2012.

Meetings will include public open house events, joint meetings of the BOCC/Planning Commission and public hearings of both the BOCC and Planning Commission.

At the first set of public meeting open house events assessments for twelve rural subareas will be presented. Assessments for the Kittitas urban growth will also be presented, together with a proposed land use designation and zoning map.

At the second and third set of public meeting open house events, staff recommendations to achieve GMA compliance will be presented, including potential options for land use designations and zoning and amendments to planning policies. Potential options for development regulation amendments will also be presented.

Schedule for Compliance

The County anticipates hosting open house events through June. To get email notice of the open house events, subscribe to get email updates.

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