Comprehensive Plan Compliance 2012


Welcome to the Kittitas County Comprehensive Plan Compliance 2012 project, the County's current effort to revise its Comprehensive Plan to meet state Growth Management Act (GMA) requirements.

What's This All About?

The County is seeking input to revise the current Comprehensive Plan and related Development Code. Some aspects of the County's current Plan and Code are not consistent with state laws that guide land use planning. This effort will make the County's Plan and Code consistent and provide a blueprint for future development.

How Did We Get Here?

The County's Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2006, but was rejected in part by the Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board (EWGMHB), which hears disputes arising from the adoption of comprehensive plans. Over the last few years, the County has amended the Comprehensive Plan to comply with the decision by the EWGMHB. The EWGMHB issued an Order Following Remand from Washington State Supreme Court in matters 07-1-0004c and 07-1-0015 dated November 7th of 2011, finding the County's Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations to be in compliance for some issues and continued noncompliance and invalidity for other issues. The remaining legal issues to be address include:

Case No. 07-1-0004c

  • Issue 1: Three-acre densities
  • Issue 6: Expansion of City of Kittitas UGA
  • Issue 10: KCC 16.09 (Performance Based Cluster Platting) and KCC 17.36 (PUD Zone)
  • Issue 11: Variety of rural densities
  • Issue 14: Expansion of City of Kittitas UGA

Case No. 07-1-0015

  • Issue 1: Rural densities
  • Issue 2: Urban uses in rural areas
  • Issue 3: Urban uses in agricultural lands of long-term significance
  • Issue 4: Water quality and quantity of land with common ownership
  • Issue 6: Highway Commercial Zone
  • Issue 7: One-time splits