2009 Comprehensive Plan Compliance Project

Reports | Analyses

Subarea Assessments

Five County subareas — Easton, Ronald, Snoqualmie Pass, Thorp, and Vantage — will be studied to determine if they should be urban or rural. The study will consider land use patterns, public facilities, transportation and natural systems, in addition to existing County plans and policies.

City of Kittitas Urban Growth Area Assessment

Kittitas' Urban Growth Area Analysis will be evaluated to:

  • Identify whether the size of the future growth area is appropriate;
  • Identify gaps in the City of Kittitas Capital Facilities Plan and how to address those gaps; and
  • Develop an updated public facilities plan, if necessary.

Growth Management Hearings Board Findings

Final Reports

Technical Reports and Analyses

Materials for Planning Commission Public Hearing

Materials for Conference of Governments