2009 Comprehensive Plan Compliance Project

Process | Timeline

How will we do it?

The County seeks community input about future growth in subareas of Kittitas County and the City of Kittitas. The County will study how much growth can be supported, presence of sewer, water and transportation facilities, and land use designations for rural and urban areas. All of these activities will be completed before the end of 2009.

Scheduled meetings include public workshops in County subareas, joint meetings of the BOCC/Planning Commission and public hearings of both the BOCC and Planning Commission in October and November.

At the first set of public workshops, draft assessments for all five subareas and Kittitas were presented, along with draft recommendations for forest and agricultural lands criteria.

At the second set of public workshops, recommendations to achieve GMA compliance will be made, including future land use designation of all five County subareas.

Timeline 2009

July 28 Joint Meeting #1
Early Aug Technical Assessments for each Subarea
Aug 25-27 Public Workshops in Subareas - Draft Technical Assessments
Early Sept Develop Preliminary Recommendations for GMA Compliance
Sept 15 Joint Meeting #2
Sept 16-21 Finalize Recommendations for GMA Compliance
Sept 29-Oct 1 Public Workshops in Subareas - Recommendations for GMA Compliance
Oct 6 Joint Meeting #3
Nov 5 Planning Commission Public Hearings
Nov 10 Planning Commission Deliberation
Nov 17 Planning Commission Findings
Nov 18 & 25   Kittitas County Conference of Governments
Dec 8 Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing
Dec 15 Board of County Commissioners Deliberation
Dec 22 Board of County Commissioners Adopt Enabling Documents