2009 Comprehensive Plan Compliance Project


What's this all about?

The County is seeking input to revise the current Comprehensive Plan. The County's current Comprehensive Plan is not consistent with state laws that guide land use planning. This effort will make the County's plan consistent and provide a blueprint for future development.

How did we get here?

The County's current Comprehensive Plan was updated in 2006, but was rejected in part by the Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board (EWGMHB), which hears disputes arising from the adoption of comprehensive plans. In 2007, the County's Comprehensive Plan was appealed to the EWGMHB. After review, the EWGMHB concluded that the plan does not comply with specific sections of GMA. To comply with state requirements, the County must:

  • Analyze how much growth can occur and identify new land use designations for Vantage, Thorp, Ronald, Easton, Snoqualmie Pass - areas formerly known as Urban Growth Nodes (UGNs)
  • Show its work in determining the size of the City of Kittitas Urban Growth Area (UGA)
  • Include criteria for identifying agriculture and forest lands
  • Meet SEPA procedural requirements