Kittitas County Board of Commissioners

Commissioner's Agenda Session

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, October 6, 2009 - 10:00 AM

Commissioner's Auditorium

205 West 5th Room 109 - Ellensburg

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Introduction of New County Employees
  4. Proclamations
  5. Awards and Recognitions
    1. Certificate of Recognition for George Pflug for 24 years of Dedicated Service to Kittitas County
    2. Certificate of Appreciation for Jack Dugan- Airport Advisory member of 35+ years
  6. Approval of Agenda
  7. Consent Agenda
    1. Approve Minutes
    2. Request to Set a Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to Kittitas County Code Establishing a Permitting Procedure for Review of Public Events and a Procedure for Reconsideration of Existing CUP's
    3. Request to Acknowledge the County Auditor's Signature on Election Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities Grant Agreement with the Secretary of State
    4. Request to Ratify Chairman Signature on WCIF/WCIP Group Master Application
    5. Request to Appoint Roylene Crawford to the Kittitas County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee
    6. Request to Appoint Kelly Thielen to the Kittitas County Homeless and Affordable Housing Committee
    7. Request to Re-Appoint Douglas Hannon to the Kittitas County Horticultural Pest & Disease Board
    8. Request to Appoint Tom Brunson to the Kittitas County Noxious Weed District #2 Board
    9. Request to Approve an Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification Report for the US Department of Justice
    10. Request to Acknowledge a Memorandum of Understanding between the Kittitas County Sheriff's Office and the Kittitas County Community Public Health & Safety Network/Traffic Safety for the 2009 "Drive Hammered, Get Nailed" Campaign
      • MOU (fully executed copy)
    11. Request to Approve the State of Washington, Department of Social and Health Services, Early Intervention Program Agreement #0963-6612
    12. Request to Approve Amendment No. 0963-53332-01 to the Program Agreement with the Department of Social & Health Services for Medicaid Administrative Match
    13. Request to Approve an Amendment to the Juvenile Court's Juvenile Accountability Block Grant
    14. Request to Approve a Resolution to Cancel 2006 Outstanding Warrants
    15. Reguest to Approve a Resolution to Cancel a 2007 Payroll Warrant
    16. Request to Approve a Resolution to Reissue 2006 Claims Fund Warrants
    17. Request to Approve Contract #KCNWC-09-01 between the Washington State Department Natural Resources and the Kittitas County Noxious Weed Control Board for Noxious Weed Control on Lands Managed by Washington State Department of Natural Resources in Kittitas County
    18. Request to Set a Public Hearing to Consider the Pine Valley Ranch Plat Amendment (LP-09-00007)
    19. Request to Set Closed Record Meeting for the Tiger Preliminary Plat (LP-08-22)
    20. Request to Set a Closed Record Meeting to Consider the McIntyer Preliminary Plat (LP-08-15)
    21. Request to Set a Closed Record Meeting to Consider the Windbent Ranch Preliminary Plat (LP-08-16)
    22. Request to Approve the Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, Decision and Conditions of Approval for the O. Sieber Short Plat Appeal (SP-08-00052)
    23. Request to Approve a Resolution Granting Preliminary Plat Approval of the Teanaway Ridge Plat (P-07-48)
    24. Request to Approve a Resolution and Archaeology Services Agreement for Nelson Siding Road Safety Enhancement Project
    25. Request to Approve & Sign an Inter-Local Agreement with Easton State Park for Equipment and/or Services for the Installation of Detour Signs
    26. Request to Approve a Second Amended Interlocal Agreement Regarding the Greater Columbia Behavioral Health/Greater Columbia Regional Support Network
    27. Request to Ratify the Public Health Department Administrator's Signature on the Software Agreement between Via Track and Kittitas County Public Health Department
  8. Correspondence
  9. Administrative Matters
    1. Acknowledge Setting a Public Hearing to Consider the 2009 Public Health Fee Schedule
  10. Citizen Comments on Non-Agenda Items (3 minute time limit)
  11. Board Discussion and Decision
    1. Continued Closed Record Meeting to Consider the Marion Performance Based Cluster Plat (P-06-06)
    2. Resolution to Adopt a Request for Access to Network Records Form
    3. Request to Approve Information Services Policies
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Executive Session
  14. Adjournment
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DRAFT - 2009-10-06-minutes-agenda.pdf

Copies of the approved minutes can be found on the Agenda & Minutes page.