Law and Justice Council

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 8:00 AM

Commissioners' Auditorium

205 West 5th Room 109 - Ellensburg

  1. Opening and Introductions
    • Establish Quorum
    • Approval of Minutes
  2. Old Business
    Confirm with vote new Chairperson- Darlene Mainwaring
  3. New Business
    Address potential options for allocation of reserve funds
  4. Standing Committee Reports
    • Budget and Grants
    • Mental Health/Chemical Dependency
    • Public Relations
    • Youth Mentoring & Prevention
  5. Agency Updates and Current Issues
    All members please be prepared to advise council on legislative,
    budget, staffing, or other issues of concern (This is one of the most
    consistent values for our continuance)
    2019 Executive Board- Chair Darlene Mainwaring (pending
    confirmation vote), Co-Chair Mike Stafford, Budget & Grants Chair
    Gene Dana, At Large chosen by membership Bart Olson and Steve
  6. Adjourn
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