Law and Justice Council

Regular Meeting

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 - 8:00 AM

BOCC Conference Room

205 West 5th Room 108 - Ellensburg

  1. Call to Order
  2. Kittitas County Law and Justice Council
    Minutes of March 16, 2016


    Meeting called to order at 8:00 AM by Chair, Greg Zempel
    Introductions made and quorum was established. Welcome two new members.
    Steve Cordero presented Cathy Stark with a Certificate of Appreciation for her service as Volunteer Secretary to the Kittitas County law & Justice Committee.
    The February 2016 draft minutes were approved unanimously. (Motion to approve by Jerry Pettit and Seconded by Bart Olsen)
    Old Business
        •    By-Law Ratification - Greg Zempel discussed the items under review and asked for motion to approve. Gene Dana moved to approve adoption of the bylaws with amendments. Darlene Mainwaring seconded. Discussion. Motion passed. The Bylaws will now be forwarded to the BOCC for approval.

        •    Lunch/Dinner Social Gathering – Darlene Mainwaring reported that a date still needs to be scheduled. She noted other details still need to be worked out. Jerry Pettit will work with her.

        •    Emergency Responder Stress Management Training - Darlene Mainwaring reported that a date has been scheduled for June 4, 2016. Mary Ann Adams and Cheryl Burrows are working with Darlene.

    New Business
    Standing Committee Reports
    Grant Program - Gene Dana and committee came up with the idea to have a get-together with grant requesters twice a year. One more committee meeting before grant period starts in June.
    Mental Health/Chemical Dependency – Representative not here
    Public Relations - Bart Olson – Nothing to report at this time.
    Ad Hoc Committee Reports
    Gun Range – Gene Dana reported that Steve Panattoni will be chairing committee. There are three others on committee (I didn’t get their names.) Possibly might be able to purchase property on Vantage Highway for gun range. Sgt. Panattoni will reach out to other committee members to discuss updates.
    Youth Services Outreach – Steve Cordero reported that he is going to ask interns to be on committee. Waiting for new members to see if they are interested on serving on committee. Bart Olson will be working with Steve and the interns. He asked others to be on committee. Steve Harper, Mike Stafford and Neil Musser volunteered.
    Agency Updates and Current Issues
        WSP – New Sergeant here with Bart. Nothing to report.
        KITTCOM – Darlene spent time in a conference in Portland and spent a day and a half on several courses. Legislature is going to fund five million appropriation for 911 that was asked for. Presently hiring process.
        Juvenile Probation – Discussions with juvenile court administrations and rule of juvenile courts and what is the role of juvenile courts. Hiring process is going on.
        Wildlife – Hunting while trespassing will include wildlife parks.
    Ellensburg P.D. – Still battling academy dates. Talk in Legislature regarding cuts.
    Public Schools – Neil Musser – No report.
    Cle Elum Police Dept. – They had a planning session. Hoping to put one more officer on staff.
    CWU - Law & Justice Program – Professor Reasons reported they had a good session on community and diversity. Another session coming up on April 5th with Dr. Norm Stamford. Two American professors were brought here. An offer was made to the professor from Manchester, England and it will be known by end of month who will be Chair. Chris reported there’s a retreat on April 1st.
    KCSO – Still not enough applicants for amount of jobs to fill.
    Kittitas County Corrections - Still down by 14 employees. Currently able to handle 80-85 inmates with present staff. Please send qualified applicants her way.
    Misdemeanant Probation - Cut one staff member to half-time.
    Juvenile Rehab Admin – Just waiting for the Legislative Session to end.
    Prosecutor’s Office – Still looking for job applicants. A summary on what has happened in Washington since marijuana was passed showed no good outcomes.
    Meeting adjourned at 8:31.
    Next Meeting: April 20, 2016
    Respectfully submitted:
    Cathy Stark for Val Barschaw, Recording Secretary
  3. Other business
  4. Adjourn
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