Kittitas County Board of Commissioners

Commissioners' Agenda

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 10:00 AM

Commissioners' Auditorium

205 West 5th Room 109 - Ellensburg

  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Introduction of New County Employees
  4. Proclamations
  5. Awards and Recognitions
  6. Approval of Agenda
  7. Consent Agenda
    1. Approve Minutes
    2. Request to Reappoint Buck Dawson to the Kittitas County Civil Service Commission
    3. Request to Approve 5 Special Event Applications from Swift Water Cellars "Summer Concert Series". Swift Water Cellars, to hold: 20 Ride on 9/12/2014 ; Spike and the Impalers on 8/29/2014 ; Stone in Love on 8/1/2014 ; Heart by Heart on 7/18/2014 ; Battle of the Tribute Bands 7/5/2014
    4. Request to Appoint Melissa Denner to the Alcohol Substance Abuse Advisory Board
    5. Request to Approve a Memorandum of Understanding with Local 760 (Corrections)
    6. Request to Approve a Resolution to Reject a Bid for the Disposal of Used Motor Oil from Kittitas County Solid Waste
    7. Request to Approve a Rental Agreement with Technology Unlimited Inc. for one ST ViewScan II Digital Microfilm Scanner for a Two Year Period
    8. Request to Approve a Resolution Authorizing an Agreement between Kittcom and Kittitas County for E-Mail and Website Hosting Support Services
    9. Request to Approve a Washington State Univerisity Affiliation Agreement - College of Nursing
    10. Request to Approve a Resolution Authorizing the Write-Off of Uncollectable Debts Totaling $592.97 Payable to the Kittitas County Public Health Department
    11. Request to Set a Public Hearing to Consider Granting a Cable Television Franchise to Fairpoint Communications.
    12. Request to Adopt the Kittitas County Road Safety Plan 2014
    13. Request to Approve a Notice of Qualifications for Public Outreach Services for Quad County's Regional Transportation Plan Update
    14. Request to Approve a Resolution to Award the Bid to Dispose of E.R.R. Fund Equipment No. 250 - Used 1995 48' Landoll Haul All Trailer and to Award the Bid to Purchase One (1) New 2014 53' Sliding Axle Trailer
    15. Request to Approve a Resolution for the Federal Transit Administration FY 2014 Certifications and Assurances for Grant Funds Authorized by Agreement GCB 1746
    16. Request to Approve a Non-Exclusive Utility Easement to the City of Ellensburg within Certain Parcels in the Airport Industrial Park
    17. Request to Approve a Resolution Approving the 3160 VIA Kachess Shoreline Setback Variance (SV-14-00001)
  8. Correspondence
  9. Administrative Matters
  10. Citizen Comments on Non-Agenda Items (3 minute time limit)
  11. Board Discussion and Decision
  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Executive Session
  14. Adjournment
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DRAFT - 2014-06-17-minutes-commissioners-agenda.pdf

Copies of the approved minutes can be found on the Agenda & Minutes page.