Kittitas County Boards and Committees

Airport Advisory Committee

Ten members
Authority: County Board


1. John Smith Agriculture Rep. 12/31/2017 2 year
2. (Vacant) Midstate Aviation 12/31/2015 3 year
3. Keith Riexinger General Aviation Pilot 12/31/2018 2 year
4. Jim Libenow Lower County 12/31/2018 3 year
5. Steve Willard Airport Lessee 12/31/2018 2 year
6. Dale Rusho Upper County 12/31/2017 3 year
7. Ann Anderson Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce 12/31/2018 2 year
8. Paul Ballard CWU Flight Tech. Program 12/31/2019 2 year
9. Marlene Pfeifer Realtor Position 12/31/2018 2 year
10. Nicole Klauss City of Ellensburg 12/31/2017 3 year

Mark Cook, Public Works Director, 962-7523
Candie Leader Administrative Assistant, 962-7699

The ten-member committee appointed by the Board of County Commissioners meets each month to discuss their views and recommendations to the Director of Public Works as to future development at the County Airport at Bowers Field. The Airport committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Public Works Office (411 North Ruby, Suite 1). Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary.