Kittitas County Boards and Committees

Area Agency on Aging

Update - SE WA Aging and Long Term Care’s Council of Government’s Bylaws for our Governing board dictated that the Council of Government Governing Board appoint our Advisory Council Members.

It was discovered that the SE WA ALTC Advisory Council bylaws weren’t in line with the Governing Board’s Bylaws.  To correct this problem the Advisory Board updated their bylaws in the later part of 2015 and in our January 7, 2016 SE WA ALTC COG Governing Board meeting the Governing Board passed a resolution to accept the revised Advisory Council Governing Board Bylaws to align with the SE WA ALTC COG Governing Board Bylaws. 

Our SE WA ALTC Council of Government Governing Board now appoints all Advisory Council members to our Advisory Council, not the individual County Commissioners of each county.


1. Sharon Frazzini 12/31/2018 3
2. Paul Malinski, Chair 12/31/2018 3
3. Peggy Rusho 12/31/2018 3
4. Sally Gilliand 12/31/2019 2
5. Barbara Hamel 12/31/2019 2
6. Joanne "Jo" Nelson Trainee Position #1 12/31/2018 2
7. (Vacant), Trainee Position #2 12/31/2015 2

Lori J. Brown, Director
Kathleen Coffey, Administrative Assistant
SE WA Aging & Long Term Care in Yakima 1-866-965-2582

To maximize the degree of independence and quality of service to individuals who use, as well as agencies that provide, community-based services. Our responsibility is managing, planning, coordinating, educating, and advocating for a comprehensive long term care system.
Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Legislative issues be informed and assist in advocacy efforts
  • Advocating for city and county issues concerning seniors
  • Concerns with other long term care populations
  • Prioritizing services and allocating funds with ALTC staff
  • Assist and attend ALTC public hearing and forums
  • Select representatives to serve on ALTC Executive Committee
  • Disseminate information on aging programs to other groups
  • Represent ALTC at meetings/forums when requested by ALTC
  • Policy recommendations
  • Advise and support ALTC staff
  • Serve on committees of advisory council
  • Represent views of the county as whole, not a segment

The ALTC entire eight county executive advisory board meets at least quarterly (weather permitting) in February, April, June, August, and November; 10am at The TRAC, 6600 Burden Blvd., Pasco, WA