Miscellaneous Financial Reports

Homelessness & Affordable Housing Reports

00-Homeless-Affordable Housing Contract Index
00-Homelessness Funds Projections
00-Homelessness Funds
00-Homelessness-Affordable Housing Grant Reimbursement form
00-Low Income Housing Projections
00-Low Income Housing

Hotel/Motel Reports

2017 Lodging Tax Expenditures Reported by Municipalities - This report summarizes data for calendar years 2014 through 2017 as reported by cities, towns, and counties that received lodging tax distributions.

140_2013_Lodging Tax Grant Reimbursements
140_2014_Lodging Tax Grant Reimbursements
140_2015 Lodging Tax Grant Reimbursements
140_2016 Lodging Tax Grant Reimbursements
140_2017 Lodging Tax Grant Reimbursements
140_2019 Hotel Motel Reimbursements
140_ Reimbursement Exhibit B Guidelines and Requirements
140__00_Blank Form Lodging Tax Reimbursement
140__Blank Form Direct Mail Advertising Exhibit B Worksheet
140__Blank Form Flyers, Posters Advertising Exhibit B Worksheet
140__Blank Form Online Advertising Exhibit B Worksheet
140__Blank Form Operations Exhibit B
140__Blank Form Print Advertising Exhibit B Worksheet
140__Blank Form Radio Advertising Exhibit B Worksheet
140__Blank Form Television Advertising Exhibit B Worksheet
140_Hotel_Motel Collections
Lodging Tax Event Reporting Worksheet

Sales Tax Reports

Admissions Tax
Adult and Juvenile Detention One-Tenth Sales Tax
Car Rental Tax (Youth Sports Activities)
Criminal Justice One-Tenth Sales Tax
Retail Sales & Use Tax
Three-tenths Sales Tax

Budget Reports


00_2015 General Fund Expenditures
00_2015 General Fund Revenues
01_2015 County Funds Expenditures
01_2015 County Funds Revenues
2015 Detail Transactions