Transportation Concurrency Determination Findings

Transportation concurrency requires development to have sufficient transportation facilities in place to support the increased traffic caused by the development. RCW 36.70A.070(6)(b) requires jurisdictions to "adopt and enforce ordinances which prohibit development approval if the development causes the level of service on a locally owned transportation facility to decline below the standards in the comprehensive plan unless transportation improvements or strategies to accommodate the impacts of development are made concurrent with the development."

Kittitas County adopted a transportation concurrency Ordinance 2011-011 on November 15, 2011. The ordinance is codified in section 12.10 of the Kittitas County Code.

Public Works reviews transportation concurrency applications and determines whether adequate transportation facilities exist. Below are the transportation concurrency determination findings that Public Works has issued.

Concurrency Application Form
Concurrency Application Information

Transportation Concurrency Determination Findings

TC-12-00001 Drexler DCF
TC-12-00002 Weis DCF
TC-12-00003 Stone Wings II DCF
TC-12-00004 Dyk-Erdman DCF
TC-12-00005 Gaidos DCF
TC-12-00007 Webb CUP DCF
TC-12-00008 OKeefe No 2 Short Plat DCF
TC-12-00009 Downs Short Plat DCF
TC-13-00001 A.Marchel Short Plat DCF
TC-13-00002 Wickham Short Plat DCF
TC-13-00003 Fox Road Farms Short Plat DCF
TC-13-00004 Zentz SP-13-00004 & RZ-13-00001 DCF
TC-13-00005 DTG SP-13-00005 DCF
TC-13-00009 GPUD DCF
TC-13-00010 Lowatchie SP-13-09 DCF
TC-13-00013 Larson Orchards DCF
TC-14-00001 Risner Ranch SP-14-01 DCF