ALP Update - Airfield Needs Assessment

Kittitas County is preparing an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update and Needs Assessment Study for Bowers Field (ELN) to address current and future airport needs. The project is being conducted in cooperation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Washington Department of Transportation - Aviation Division (WSDOT).

The purpose of the Airport Needs Assessment Study is to update the planning evaluations conducted in the 2004 Bowers Field Airport Master Plan Update1 (referred to hereafter as "the 2004 Master Plan") to reflect current airport conditions, activity trends, facility needs, and FAA airport planning and design standards. The study will supplement the 2004 Master Plan and will update specific master plan elements affected by the needs assessment.

Funding for the Airport Needs Assessment Study and ALP Update is being provided through an FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant (95%) with a local match provided by Kittitas County and the Washington Department of Transportation Aviation Division (2.5% each). The AIP is a dedicated fund administered by FAA with the specific purpose of maintaining and improving the nation's public use airports. The AIP is funded exclusively through fees paid by users of general aviation and commercial aviation.

01 - Title Sheet
02 - Data Sheet
03 - Airport Layout Plan
04 - Terminal Area Plan
05 - Airspace FAR PART 77
06 - Airspace 11-29
07 - Airspace 7-25
08 - Runway 11 Inner Approach Surface
09 - Runway 29 inner Approach Surface
10 - Runway 7 Inner Approach Surface
11 - Runway 25 Inner Approach Surface
12 - Runway 11-29 & 7-25 Centerline Profile
13 - Land Use Plan
14 - Exhibit A