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Missing femal found alive near the Pacific Crest Trail in King County

Kittitas County, WA - 07/01/2017 - Kaylynn Johnson, missing since June 23rd has been located and is being brought out to the Green Water fire Station off of HWY 410, about 21 miles West of the search base.

According to personnel in the field, Kaylynn is scratched up some and dehydrated but appears to be in good shape. Once we have more information we will be able to determine the route she travelled.

Per Kittitas County Undersheriff Clay Myers, "This country is very easy to get turned around in, but it appears she never quit trying and she stayed close to water as directed to by Mr. Frawley. This is a prayer answered for her friends and family"

Myers also made a point of responding to some of the comments on social media;   " This should also be a lesson to those people who continued to make false accusations based on rumors and fabricated details, directed at Mr. Frawley.  You should be ashamed. Many of us are so close with friends that we are considered Aunts and Uncles, though we are not related by blood or marriage. This man was cooperative and honest with our investigators in nearly every aspect of his story was verified by them  Was his information a little shaky when he was first found, yes. He is diabetic and was without food or insulin for days. Even our courts have ruled that can have the same effect as being intoxicated.  This would be a good opportunity to reflect on how we should be treating each other during a crisis".

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Contact: Clayton Myers, Undersheriff