The Board of Kittitas County Commissioners will meet at 2:00 p.m. on February 16, 2016 at 205 W. 5th Street in the Board of County Commissioner's Auditorium to consider a code and policy change that will allow the Fire Marshal to place an emergency ban on fireworks when certain criteria has been met.

Proposed Fireworks Ban Code Section

KCC 9.30.035  Fire Marshal’s Authority To Prohibit Discharge

The Kittitas County Fire Marshal is authorized to prohibit the ignition or discharge of fireworks within the unincorporated areas of Kittitas County whenever the fire danger components and indices have reached or exceeded those described in Standard Operating Procedure F01-10 as now existing or as hereafter amended.





Proposed Policy Change

Standard Operating Procedures


SCOPE:                     This guideline shall outline criteria under which the Fire Marshal has the discretion to implement a fireworks ban.

PURPOSE:                To provide the Fire Marshal and the public with consistency by creating guidelines based on fire weather and danger observations from credible sources, which the Fire Marshal shall consider when deciding whether a ban on fireworks is necessary.

PROCEDURE:         The Fire Marshal shall be given the discretion to ban fireworks, by zone or district, when the following fire danger components and indices have been reached in at least one of the three RAWs Stations:

  1.  The Burning Index is at least 18; and
  2. The Fuel Moisture Content of the 10 hour fuels is below 8; and
  3.  The Energy Release Component is in the 90th percentile (42 for upper county and 44 for lower county); and
  4. Fire weather predictions; and
  5. Resource depletion.


DATE:       __________________________________________________________

FIRE MARSHAL:  ___________________________________________________


For more information, contact Fire Marshal

Anyone with an interest in this matter is urged to attend said hearing where all testimony will be taken. Written comments may be received at 205 W 5th Ave. STE 108, Ellensburg, WA 98926 at or prior to the hearing.

Kittitas County complies with all ADA requirements.