Kittitas County Boards and Committees

Kittitas County Disability Board (L.E.O.F.F. Board)

Five members
Authority: RCW 41.26.110


1. Bob Richey Member at Large
2. Alan Nielsen Fire Fighting Representative
3. Obie O'Brien Commissioner Representative
4. Bruce Tabb City Representative/Mayor
5. Larry Loveless Police

Sarah Gann, Clerk 962-7025

The Disability Board is created under RCW 41.26.110 and such boards shall have authority to act upon and approve or disapprove claims for disability by fire fighters or law enforcement officers as provided under the Washington law enforcement officers' and fire fighters' retirement system act. All members under this subsection shall serve for two-year terms. The disability boards authorized for establishment by this section shall perform all functions, exercise all powers, and make all such determinations as specified in RCW 41.26.110. Meets once a month in Commissioners Conference Room or Clerks Office, Courthouse.